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What is TextLocate?

TextLocate makes it easy for logistics providers to communicate directly with drivers via SMS-based text messaging without having to use personal communication devices or download another app.

Instead of wasting time calling drivers looking for documents or location, automate the process and save hours with TextLocate.

Communication with Drivers…

Made Simple!

2-way Chat: Take care of quick questions, location changes, and other important updates simply and efficiently through TextLocate’s chat interface.

Image Capture: Submit documents like BOLs and PODs, take a picture of the truck’s MC number to prevent double brokering,  or even verify loaded freight in a trailer.

Location Updates: Allow drivers to share a specific lat/long location sent via text message. No more calling drivers and guessing where the freight is located!

FreightWaves Interview

Learn more about TextLocate from this FreightWaves interview with Founder, Ryan Rogers. Ryan shares why he started TextLocate, the problems that it solves, as well as the apps & the phone call.

Lean Solutions Group

TextLocate announces partnership with Lean Solutions Group. TextLocate is part of the Lean Alliance and is recommended for all track & trace customers. Using our location services and 2-way chat automation drives significant efficiency improvements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is TextLocate? We are a simple service using  a proprietary workflow to receive one-time location updates.

Does TextLocate track the driver? No, the driver is in control of allowing a one-time location update. The system never monitors or tracks the driver, just a one-time location update.

Does TextLocate require the driver to download an app? No, there is no need for any apps, just get started today using our proprietary workflow process.

Does the driver have to enable location services? Yes, but only for the web browser and only while using the browser to share the location.

How do I open an account? It’s easy. Just click on the Sign up button above and follow the steps.

Texts are limited to 160 characters. Messages up to 1,600 characters appear as one but count as multiple texts.

Pictures add one text, and special characters reduce the limit. These standards are set by carriers for consistency and ease.

We display the character count for SMS. Location requests and responses count as one each.

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