TextLocate Testimonials

"I manage a 55-person track and trace department and I can't say enough good things about TextLocate. It has given us another tool in our belt when trying to get updates with our carrier partners; It's allowed us to give an alternative option vs other tracking services that require an app download..."


"Big thank you to TextLocate for being an excellent load visibility partner for us. It is great having that peace of mind and seeing those updates come through, reducing the amount of times we need to pick up the phone or write out an email. It is very user friendly and only took minutes to set up and understand how to use."

Steam Logistics

"We love Textlocate! The ability to track all of our loads in an organized and timely manner has freed up additional time for our carrier reps to cover more loads, build better relationships with carriers, and find new ways to use the program. Our drivers love that they can communicate with us via text for updates or questions.

CJ Logistics

"Carriers are busy and all do business differently, so many appreciate how TextLocate streamlines communication without disrupting their unique workflow.

Arrive Logistics

"TextLocate makes it easy! Eliminating significant check calls, bulk import loads twice a day for location requests, and receiving images as part of our day-to-day operations,”

Axle Logistics

"... Recently we worked with TextLocate to automate the messages getting sent to our drivers in order to get the POD upon delivery.  This automation is working well as our shipments are getting delivered, quickly followed by our POD’s coming into our office."

Entourage Freight Solutions

"TextLocate has afforded our accounting department seamless communication with our partner carriers and drivers; allowing them to get POD’s within 24 hours of delivery.  It allows them to seek exactly what is needed for our customers"

Montgomery Logistics

"TextLocate is effective at engaging drivers.  Driver adoption and responses have exceeded initial expectations and we look forward to using the tool to engage more.  We appreciate the ease of use for all users and speed to implement!”

Evans Transportation

"TextLocate is key to successfully navigating the communication highway. Now in the driver’s seat, with maximum visibility, the Top City Logistics team can leave the ‘busy work’ behind and focus on delivering authentic and efficient communication."

Top City Logistics

"...TextLocate allows us to talk through issues with drivers that speak different languages, to get photos of documents, and gives us the ability to get a location update without having to hound the driver. We really have enjoyed that the location update is prompted by the driver."

Keystone Capacity Solutions

"By using TextLocate, we are able to get over a 50% response rate back from drivers for location updates. This cuts down a huge portion of manual check calls we would otherwise have to make. TextLocate has been a great complement to our track and trace process to close the gap in visibility."

Schnieider National

"TextLocate is an excellent load visibility partner for us. It is great having that peace of mind and seeing those updates come through, reducing the amount of times we need to pick up the phone or write out an email. It is very user friendly and only took minutes to set up and understand..."

Covenant Transport

TextLocate has made our tracking so much more efficient for our team here at Leonard’s. The time it has saved on our BOL calling efforts has made a big impact on productivity. This is a great product and the TextLocate staff has been incredibly supportive during the startup process

Leonard's Express

Textlocate has been a great tool for us, it has been received very well with our reps and carrier base. The ease of use and ability to get quick responses on our shipments has helped maintain and exceed our tracking requirements for our customers. Textlocate has also been a great partner to work with."


“TextLocate has given us immediate improvement on our track and trace process. Whether it’s POD requests, location updates, or pick up numbers, communication has streamlined and allowed our reps to do more work with less than ever before. Great product with an even greater team behind it”

R2 Logistics

“The supply chain industry has evolved, and real-time visibility is the name of the game right now. TextLocate allows us to keep tabs on our shipments in a smooth and efficient way. This keeps our customers happy, increases transparency with our carrier-partners and helps us fend-off the scams and double-brokering scenarios..."

Roar Logistics

"TextLocate has helped drive efficiency in many areas via automation: location requests, reminders for tarped loads, text blasts to cover freight, POD requests, etc. Overall it has helped get communication back faster from drivers and helped us spend our time in other areas."

Freight Lane

"Since starting to use TextLocate, we have had great success in driver compliance with our tracking tools.  The ease of the process makes the drivers more accepting especially for our owner operator pool of carriers. Having the POD upload automatically into our TMS the moment it is signed off has really been a value add for us"

GLB Solutions

TextLocate has been a great tool for our Lean team to increase their efficiency and spend less time on the phones. They love the 2-way chat feature because of how versatile it is, making it easy to confirm status updates, retrieve documents, and update the drivers with info in real time. Because everything is tied to the load id, our whole team is able to find updates now.

Big M Transportation

TextLocate has taken the guesswork out of visibility. We have been able to fill a third of our visibility gap with the ability to schedule recurring location requests through the dashboard.  Our driver engagement is higher than anticipated via 2-way chat with the ability to easily sort everything by load id and send and receive images. Our reps love the ease of use!

Transportation One