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Automations and Texting to Boost Efficiency in a Down Market

July 4, 2024


Boosting Efficiency in a Down Market: How TextLocate Helps Freight Brokerages Focus on Profits In a down market, freight brokerages need to maximize their time and improve margins. TextLocate automates shipment location updates via texting and SMS, eliminating the need for check calls. This frees up brokers to make more sales calls, increasing opportunities. TextLocate ensures accurate data, improves driver communication, and integrates easily with existing systems. It scales with business needs, enhancing efficiency and profitability in the logistics and transportation industry.

Boosting Efficiency in a Down Market: How TextLocate Helps Freight Brokerages Focus on Profits

When the market is down, every minute counts. Freight brokerages need to maximize their time to find opportunities and improve their margins. One of the biggest time-wasters? Check calls. Constantly calling drivers to get location updates takes away valuable time that could be spent on making sales calls and closing deals. Thankfully, TextLocate offers a solution to this problem, allowing brokers to focus on what really matters: making money.

What is TextLocate?

TextLocate is a smart tool that automates the process of getting shipment location updates through texting and SMS messaging. Instead of making endless check calls, brokers can receive real-time updates directly to their computer or phone.

How Does It Help in a Down Market?

  1. Automatic Location Updates: TextLocate provides automated, real-time GPS updates on shipment locations through SMS. This means brokers no longer have to waste time calling drivers to ask where they are.
  2. More Time for Sales Calls: By eliminating check calls, brokers can use that time to make more sales calls. In a down market, increasing the number of calls can lead to more opportunities to make deals and improve margins in the logistics and transportation industry.
  3. Accurate and Reliable Information: TextLocate ensures you get precise location data, reducing errors and miscommunication. This accuracy helps brokers make better decisions and provide reliable updates to clients, enhancing their freight management capabilities. You can even share the updates with customers directly through our email forwarding tool.
  4. Improved Driver Communication: Instead of interrupting drivers with calls, brokers can send messages through TextLocate’s SMS and messaging system. This way, drivers can relax on their breaks, and brokers can still communicate effectively.
  5. Easy to Use and Integrate: TextLocate is designed to be user-friendly and our API integrates easily with existing systems. This means brokers can start using it quickly without a steep learning curve.
  6. Scalable for All Business Sizes: Whether you’re a small brokerage or part of a larger one, TextLocate can scale to meet your needs. Let us support your team and grow with your business.

Why Use TextLocate in a Down Market?

In a down market, it’s crucial to focus on activities that directly impact your bottom line. TextLocate helps freight brokerages do just that by eliminating the need for pre-book checks, check calls, proof of delivery requests, and frees up time for more important tasks. By using TextLocate, brokers can make more sales calls, find more opportunities, and improve their margins. Use TextLocate and let it transform your brokerage's efficiency and profitability in the logistics and transportation industry.

Using TextLocate also enhances proof of delivery processes, ensuring that every step of the shipment journey is documented and verified through SMS updates. This added layer of security and transparency, which helps eliminate fraud and is invaluable in the freight business.